Pscycology of Education

Applying psychology inside the classroom; is something not all the educators pay attention to. Further, most of them are concentrating just on the aim of teaching that is providing students with instructions and delivering the information, waiting for the results.

Apparently, the operation of teaching is not just limited in the act of teaching and giving instructions  but instead; it is about creating someone’ soul as Bordon stated: “being a teacher is in the opportunity to help shape a human soul.” As a personal experience, I don’t study well and I don’t make any efforts if the teacher isn’t equipped with the appropriate characteristics that show us that he/she is caring about us and he/she as well making efforts and sometimes extra efforts to ensure that the information is accepted by the learner. Motivating strategies are very helpful instruments in teaching.
For me the teacher must care of students and their psychological side. He/she must act as a therapist if it’s possible why not!! Time to Change .. I was suffering from shyness and sometimes I feel panic from talking in public, and sometimes I do have the right response but I keep silent. That’s what many students still suffering from and I have noticed that during my interviews and classroom observations I made last year. I recommend all the teachers and future teachers to improve their way of teaching by imposing more than one role in the classroom. #Afaf


One thought on “Pscycology of Education

  1. It needs absolutely an urgent treatment from teachers to get students used to debate their ideas, we are an era of which your opinion should be raised to make a decision and improve solution acts.

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