Inspiring people recognizes Future planning ..

92bbd581ae614e6e8bd7c0fae8ae0552.jpgFuture planning is something most of us thinking and worrying about, how is it ? How it will be or what is it? Many things I thought before that after my graduation I will be able to do. But the opportunities come and go without doing anything or the circumstances prevent me.

As any person I have many persons inspired me to make some beautiful dreams that if we correlated it with hard work it would be real. Those persons are; first, my teacher of written expression in my first session at university that becomes later the Head of English department, it is interestingly amazing to be like her. Second, “Anna Carey” the American writer when I first joined Facebook I surnamed it “Anna Nostalgia” and because I put her picture in my account she sent me a friend request, in fact, it was astonishing how she send me. She is the author of the Eve trilogy, Blackbird, Deadfall. That’s why Eve for me is more than a name and for that I want to be a writer like her I save many pictures and autographs for her. To scratch the surface this two persons have the major side in inspiring me. It is worthy to mention Zig Ziglar may Allah have mercy on him is always giving me power with his golden words.

In the other side of my career that I’m looking for; I’m enhancing my drawing in my sparing times preparing to make my own gallery. For the current time, I’m preparing for a contest of teaching. In the same time I’m preparing for my own project here in my small home town. Because my family doesn’t accept
the idea of completing my studies abroad but this won’t conquer my positivity and with patience everything will take its path at the right place and time. As zig said: “I don’t trust the stars but I trust the one who made the stars.”


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