Hobbies are Healthy:

HOBBIES-ARE-HEALTHY.jpg            One thing we get continuously asked by teachers, examiners in some contests, when we talk to new people, or when we visit a therapist. Do you have a hobby? Usually, we know what we have as a hobby but it is seldom when we perform it and experience its positive outcomes. This belongs to our unawareness of the importance of performing our interests.

           Apparently, a hobby is not the main occupation; it is persuading and practicing the things the person is interested in for the reason of entrainment, pleasure and relaxation. In the angle of benefits come from performing hobbies, there are enormous positive consequences for the person psychologically and physically as well. Once you realize this certainly you will start searching for the potential skills exist inside you. Anaïs Nin stated that “I can elect something I love and absorb myself in it.” This indicates that the things you love most are the things captivate you to perform. Many psychologists asserted that performing any kind of hobbies whether it was drawing, writing, singing, cooking, working-out or any other kind of favorite performances it helps you for sure in throwing out all the negative thoughts inside you; and gives you more scaffoldings to empower your internal self-esteem opening a new window to love yourself and your capacities. Seemingly, the hobbyist will be more content to express his/her affections to learn more about the focused hobby if it was shared with others. Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein, (2008) stated about the role of hobbies that: “hobbies also cultivate personal creativity, that capacity we all share for heartfelt experience, unique thought and meaningful expression of what matters to us most.” Due to the things have mentioned briefly above, we recommend all people to fill their time or what they call as spare time with interesting things and improve themselves and their society.


4 thoughts on “Hobbies are Healthy:

  1. I extremely agree with you. Hobby is healthy ’cause it makes you feel free to describe what you cannot express it in reality.
    I Love your writing style^^ wish you the best dear 😘😘
    Good luck 💐

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