A touching gesture 🌷First experience as a High school teacher A.A

To be a teacher was something unpredictable for me, I woke up in the morning by my brother’s call to tell me that the administrator of high school is asking You to come to teach first and second year students there. It was all of a sudden, I couldn’t realize all the thoughts in my head, but I was grateful, I was satisfied, l was knowing that this would happen. All the feelings of gratitude were there, due to my sincere trust that Allah is there for me =)) .. I remembered the wishes I made for this year, one of these main wishes comes true, and I offer all my praise to Allah. 

04th April, 2016 I come across something special in my life. The next year and in the same day 04th April, 2017 I entered high school as a teacher for the first time not as a student. During this experience of two months approximately with students, I experienced the great combination of feelings and preparations to produce a successful method for teaching. I discovered the steps and the tips the teacher follows to gain students attention and transmits his/her knowledge to his/her students. 

         Throughout this experience, I knew a variety of personalities among my students, I learned how to create a way to deal with them, I discovered the real meaning of patience and enduring. I met my previous teachers and this was the most provoking reason to be proud of my position now.  

         I took pictures with my students, because I loved them. These pictures will stay alive in my memory as first love stays alive in our hearts )) the attachment is a picture of the flowers that one of my students gave me =))


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