One Again

My head is dizzy 

My breath isn’t easy 

My thoughts are noisy

I’m not happy today 

But in the coming day 

I will be happy 

I finished this story

` Bad persons, bad periods, bad places are the experiences to foster the scaffolding of our future personality `

I won’t regret anything 

And my head won’t be down for permanent

My time is coming to be higher, to be stronger and all the broken pieces in my 
soul will be ONE AGAIN =) 



A touching gesture 🌷First experience as a High school teacher A.A

To be a teacher was something unpredictable for me, I woke up in the morning by my brother’s call to tell me that the administrator of high school is asking You to come to teach first and second year students there. It was all of a sudden, I couldn’t realize all the thoughts in my head, but I was grateful, I was satisfied, l was knowing that this would happen. All the feelings of gratitude were there, due to my sincere trust that Allah is there for me =)) .. I remembered the wishes I made for this year, one of these main wishes comes true, and I offer all my praise to Allah. 

04th April, 2016 I come across something special in my life. The next year and in the same day 04th April, 2017 I entered high school as a teacher for the first time not as a student. During this experience of two months approximately with students, I experienced the great combination of feelings and preparations to produce a successful method for teaching. I discovered the steps and the tips the teacher follows to gain students attention and transmits his/her knowledge to his/her students. 

         Throughout this experience, I knew a variety of personalities among my students, I learned how to create a way to deal with them, I discovered the real meaning of patience and enduring. I met my previous teachers and this was the most provoking reason to be proud of my position now.  

         I took pictures with my students, because I loved them. These pictures will stay alive in my memory as first love stays alive in our hearts )) the attachment is a picture of the flowers that one of my students gave me =))

Positive self-image

IMG_20161231_174012_534.jpgSelf-esteem or what some psychologists was calling it “Positive Self-image” is probably the most common demain of any human behavior. ‘It could easily be claimed that there is no cognitive or affective activity can be carried out without some degree of self-esteem or self-confidence’ (Unknown). Accordingly, self-esteem has a great contribution in the construction of any scaffolding of success; concerning attaining some goals or achieving high objectives in general. In this angle, Self-esteem is the self acceptance, the person’s concept about his/herself and this concept should be positive to raise someone’s motivation in gaining something. Seemingly, it is highly recommended in fulfilling any goal appropriately, since it is the other face of strength, and the first step to stop any feeling of worry or fear.

Conquering Self-sabotage

“Long-standing goals”, throughout life the majority of us make a dream, a wish, a plan, and a goal to be a better person in society. Yet, most of us encounter difficulties and challenges seem to struggle and if we want to change these obstacles facing us we must first change the conditions of ourselves. SELF-SABOTAGE is one such area where we have to offer attempts to overcome and conquer it definitively or at least minimize its rate.  In her book ‘Beyond survival’ the American author; ‘Maureen Brady’, (2009) stated that “In self-sabotage we can be both the victim & the victimizer.” This indicates that self-sabotage is the act of harming, destroying, damaging and obstructing ourselves.

When it comes to the reasons beyond this; we find many and most of them are the result of the surrounding environment and the negativity of society often influences this that causes also lack of self-esteem, depression, bad self-image and so on. Therefore, we are handling this subject to find effective solutions that are important in conquering this challenge. In this angle, Vironika Tugaleva mentioned that:

The most dangerous way we sabotage ourselves is by waiting for the perfect moment to begin. Nothing works perfectly the first time, or the first fifty times. Everything has a learning curve. The beginning is just that – a beginning. Surrender your desire to do it flawlessly on the first try. It’s not possible. Learn to learn. Learn to fail. Learn to learn from failing. And begin today. Begin now. Stop waiting.”

IMG_20150912_223645.jpgThis refers that first or even first fifty failures are not the urge that led you to give up on your goals and if one path does not work ensure to empty your mind from any negative spots instead always put in your head positive thoughts. Additionally, this signifies also that making mistakes and failing should be considered as experiences to learn from and lessons for our future life. Consequently, initial working must be today, now, at the current moment without any hesitation or delaying. After commencing you require planning through some tips and steps, here; some psychologists urge us to make visualization for our goals and see how and what we gain after accomplishing them. Stop making generalizations of everything and everyone because you don’t know everyone and you haven’t experienced everything. Finally, always remember that you are worthy enough to experience the new and attain the best so avoid any distraction or sabotaging for your inner self-image.

Happiness: Inner Peace.

We are living in this life, running to attain one main goal and if our instruments are different our goal still the same and which is Happiness. The concept of happiness this term seems small from the outside but it is too broad when you start whirling on it. Before I commence discussing this subject I asked a set of people and particularly my friends on social media about what does happiness mean to them? And most of the responses I got, come to a certain point where emotions, health, security and inner peace are positive. Whereas, happiness for some is originated when they obey Allah; following his straight path and being satisfied of themselves, sharing this happiness with the surrounding people around them. The silly and serious response in the same time was, Happiness is money in our current time. Generally, each one of us has his/her own thought about happiness and this depends on how he/she is living and understanding this life.

Simply, this small view I am going to end it with a personal opinion of mine; for me acceptance, patience and gratitude are the three gates toward the first step to happiness. The time you accept the situations, conditions of yourself you start bearing more to be a patient and you start reaching gratitude as well. No one attains the extent of pure happiness but each one of us should relate his/her life to a goal this would be enough to gain more hope and resisting is the last key toward happiness. Osho stated that “One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don’t leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind.”